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Interested in Volunteering in Any Capacity? 

We are a volunteer powered organization, everything we accomplish gets done because of our community support. This is a great way to get more involved in your student's elementary school experience and help shape their childhood years and memories! We have volunteer opportunities for any schedule. Click the link below to send an email for more information. 

Volunteer for Individual Events - 1 hour of your time makes a huge difference!

Volunteer to help at an individual event. Support with set up, helping run a station or part of the event. Your help at our events is so appreciated! We also offer high school volunteer opportunities! 

Join a Committee - 2 to 3 hours per month, or whatever time you want to spend!

Do you want to plan an event or participate in faculty appreciation? Join one of our committees and you can help guide the work that PFO does. 

Join Our Executive Board - anywhere between 4 to 15 hours per month

Executive Board members are elected positions that meet monthly. This is a great way to be super involved in your student's elementary school, get to know families and staff, and shape their school experience. Individuals on the PFO Executive Board help manage the operations and fundraising efforts of the PFO. There are a variety of positions for any interest or skills! 

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