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Who are PFO members?

Our members are parents, guardians, and faculty just like you, looking to make a difference in the Sunrise Elementary community. Being a member allows you to vote at PFO general meetings, propose new business, and run for PFO board positions.

Why join the PFO?

The PFO supports enriching educational experiences for your student. Those experiences, whether field trips, assemblies, or in class education are designed to enrich the school experience of all our students. By volunteering your time to the PFO you can improve the school day and help strengthen the family-school partnership.

Our PFO also provides faculty appreciation events and experiences throughout the year.

Do you have questions?

Contact us for more information, click here

2021-2022 member families

Abulencia, Alduleme, Anderson, August, Auld, Avila, Barcenas, Bautista, Billings, Billman, Blust, Borja, Braden, Bradford, Bright, Briles-Castelan, Bui, Butler, Cabral, Cajucom, Campos, Cantorna, Catris, Chavez, Chaw, Chloe, Christensen, Chung, Coleman, Collard, Combs, Constantine, Crespo, Culler, Cutting, Dale, Dallas, Davis, Dean, Del, Dela, Diamond, Dines, Dominguez, Douglas, Draper, Dreier, Eaton, Eisner, Fournier, Gatewood, Gemo, Giebitz, Gilbert, Gilbert, Glover, Green, Gueyger, Hack, Haight, Harpster, Hart, Hobson, Hook, Indermill, Ireneo, Iverson, January, Jensen, , Juarez, Kahlon, Karish, Kealey, Kernan-Penaloza, Ketchum, Kimbell, King, King-Harris, Knorr, Kroll, Krueger, Kue, LaMarca, Lang, Laryea, Le, Lingad, Lubina, Lustyuk, Mak, Marier, Martin, Martinez, McAleer, McClenahen, McMillan, Mechkov, Merritt, Miller, Millet, Miyazaki, Mok, Molina, Moore, Mora, Mora, Morgan, Morinaga, Moskaira, Murray, Narayanaswamy, Newman, Nines, Nunley, Olana, Paredes, Parker, Pedley, Pereira, Perry, Petroski, Pivetti, Plunkett, Porterfield, Pumo, Purnell, Quesada, Quezada, Rainey, Ralston, Ramos, Ray, Redmon, Reyes, Ross, Salas, Salas, Sanchez-Rayford, Santana, Schneider, Schubert, Shaw, Sheppard, Shupe, Singh, Stoll, Sullentrip, Sunahara, Swanson, Sweeney, Takhar, Tapado, Tayo, Terry, Thomas, Thompson, Torres, Tunnell, Untalasco, Urias, Vinson, Vogel, Wilcox, Will, Willardsen, Williams, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Wu/Lin, Zeki

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